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At JBLD, we’re proud to be on the leading edge of innovation and the future of lawn care. That’s why we’re offering installation and maintenance of the amazing Husqvarna Automower® System models 430x and 450x just for you.


This amazing Automower leaves you more time to spend with people and things in life that matter. The robotic mower concept is brilliantly simple, with features that are sure to please:


  • the Automower mows your lawn silently (58 dbA) unlike a noisy gasoline mower
  • your lawn is mown every day (or night) instead of once a week
  • razor-sharp blades ensures perfectly trimmed grass
  • short grass clippings break down quickly and become available to your lawn as nutrients sooner
  • the robotic mower works as well on hot, dry days as it does in torrential rain
  • no more pressure trying to fit mowing in between rainy days


Let the Husqvarna Automower® do the work for you and relax. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and for more information about how a robotic mower would be perfect for your lawn – and you!


For more details, call us at 1 (902) 220-1080 or email us today. We also invite you to visit our partner, local Fall River Husqvarna dealer, The Lawn Guy.