Working with Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design

The key to our award winning landscape creations is the joint thought process and collaboration between the client and the designer, resulting in a close relationship between them. From this collaboration ensues trust and the cooperative creation of a vision for the site. Our award-winning designs recognize all aspects of a client’s life and reflect their needs and interests perfectly. Working with accredited, nationally certified landscape designer, Joe Bidermann, CLD., will ensure that your landscape meets your needs precisely, as well as suiting your surroundings, lifestyle, and budget.

Joe will provide you with everything you need to make a well-informed decision about your landscape. His experience, expertise and skill will ensure that your landscape dreams become reality.


Step 1: Consultation

The onsite consultation is a very important meeting as it gives you the opportunity to discuss the future landscaping location. During the meeting, Joe will listen to your requirements and establish the objectives, scope, and goals for the landscape you envision. It will also provide an opportunity to see if there are any other factors relevant to the design.

At the end of this phase Joe will provide you with a detailed, itemized quote for developing your concept.


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Step 2: Concept Design

To create any meaningful concept, a site survey (a synopsis of the property as it exists in its current condition) needs to be conducted. It includes surveying the house and other buildings, site elevations and existing vegetation as well as key landmarks.  The site survey is also used to calculate quantities of materials needed to create the new landscape. The accuracy of the survey affects the precision of the project quote.

At this stage, Joe will use the information to develop a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) drawing called the “base plan.” The base plan is a snapshot of the current state of the site and it will allow you to compare the changes between the existing and future landscape, and will help to explain the transformation.

After the base plan has been created and explained, Joe is ready to actually design and layout the new landscape.  All the information gathered until this point will be used toward developing the landscape design concept.

During this process, Joe will meet with you again to present the concept ideas and suggestions that relate to the layout of the space. Your feedback and thoughts are valued and encouraged to ensure that your objectives are always met. After this meeting, Joe will revise the plans, if necessary.

The final concept will be presented in a subsequent meeting with you. These plans include a scale drawing (two-dimensional plan view) of the layout, as well as key plants and plants groups. They may also include detailed construction drawings of key site elements like outdoor kitchens, pergolas, etc. The plans also include care instructions for the plantings (watering, fertilizing, etc.).

Not everyone can easily envision how the future space really will look like from a two dimensional drawing. That is why we are proud to offer a 3D modelling service of the planned landscape. This tool will help you to understand the transformation of the space and all the changes that will take place.

At the end of this phase Joe will provide you with an itemized, detailed proposal of all the services that will be required to install the project.

A clear starting and completion date will be established(subject to weather conditions).





Step 3: Construction

This part of working with a landscaping company is typically the most exciting part: it is the part where plants grow from paper and where the ink on your plan turns into a spectacular outdoor living room!

As landscape professionals, we insure that all landscape construction meets industry specifications and that there will be trained staff on site at all times. Our work is never merely “a job:” it’s meaningful to us, as well, and we take a lot of pride in what we do.

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is a very important part of our operation.

Our staff is friendly and courteous. We also try very hard to minimize the inconveniences of noise and the interruption of your routine as much as possible.

We pride ourselves as a company that recycles and keeps a very tidy job site.

We will never compromise on quality and we ensure the highest degree of workmanship so that all of our landscape construction will be yours to enjoy for a very long time!




Step 4: Maintenance

Everything in life is in a state of constant change – so are landscapes!


The landscapes we create are like paintings: images of a very particular moment. Landscape construction is the process of creating such an image, while landscape maintenance is about maturing a landscape to a desired stage.

Only constant re-evaluation of your landscape will ensure and protect your investment.

We can assist you in developing a maintenance strategy that will ensure the best for your landscape and your budget.

Low maintenance starts with a good design, but… there is no such thing as no maintenance!”




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